We provide market leading technical advice to multiple clients in the EV sector, gaining unique experience to ensure the success of all projects we support

We have extensive experience of helping our clients implement and understand the engineering challenges and opportunities in the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging sector. Our consultants can assist throughout the project lifecycle of an EV charging installation, considering both the technical aspects of the project and market trends in EV infrastructure.

We provide technical due diligence services to owners and lenders of EV charging infrastructure companies, whilst managing the project delivery on behalf of clients, working with suppliers, contractors and site owners.

The services we can provide are:

  • Analysis of the EV sector, including forecasting, technology development and analysis of various modes of transport
  • Analysis of charging products, their manufacturer and quality assurance
  • Development of electric vehicle charging scenarios
  • Identification of grid expansion needs due to increased demand
  • Charging network model reviews, harmonics and load flow calculations
  • Determination of the expected mobility needs
  • Research into alternative EV charging point power sources
  • EV infrastructure management options and recommendations
  • Operation and maintenance planning
  • Upgrading and expanding current installations