Fichtner acts as Owners Engineer on behalf of Birmingham City Council to secure grant funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Fichtner has worked with Birmingham City Council in the concept and development phases to fully understand the potential advantages and challenges of implementing large-scale charging infrastructure. Fichtner has assisted Birmingham City Council in developing and submitting funding applications to gain grant funding for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for heavy duty vehicles.

During the development stage, it was recognised that benefits could be raised from the addition of a district heating connection and a private wire connection from the local power station. These connections were taken forward into the detailed design.

Services included:

  • Technology integration to achieve zero carbon emission targets
  • Supplier discussion and grading to source the most appropriate equipment for the site
  • Client discussions and analysis of goals to understand the project delivery requirements
  • Concise evaluation and appraisal of the scheme for grant funding applications
  • Hardware and software demonstrations to allow for client decisions with respect to the EV charging infrastructure selection
  • Suitable modelling for system usage
  • Tender evaluation and selection

Moving on to the next stage of the project, Fichtner worked with developers, engineers and suppliers to create a bespoke package design for the depot. Meeting with clients and contractors to develop suitable solutions, this project will be a marquee development in the United Kingdom.