Fichtner acts as Technical Advisor for Offshore Transmission Assets

Our team were engaged to undertake technical due diligence in connection with offshore transmission assets released to market under the enduring regime.

This included:

  • Westermost Rough and Humber Gateway (Tender Round 3)
  • Burbo Bank Extension (TR4), Dudgeon
  • Galloper and Walney Extension (all TR5)

The technical and environmental due diligence covered all aspects of the OFTO assets including the offshore substation structure and platform topside, offshore export cable and the onshore grid connection through to interface point with National Grid at the offshore substation. Detailed technical analysis of O&M costs and review of  risks including cable reburial assessment, seabed mobility, availability target and equipment service life.

​Fichtner’s technical review focused on:

  • Planning and environmental consents
  • Investigation of scour and offshore sub-sea structures
  • O&M contracts and maintenance strategy
  • Vessel and port logistics
  • OFTO asset interface risks.