Fichtner provides Buyer Due Diligence services to Zouk Capital on EV charging company investment

Our client was looking to acquire a stake in the Italian Electric Vehicle (EV) charging company. This company is a large independent power provider, producing electricity from renewable energy sources. The company primarily owns, operates and maintains Electric Vehicle charging assets across Italy.

Fichtner was engaged by our client to carry out technical due diligence on the company, via meetings, on-site visits and a data room analysis of documentation.

After completing this, Fichtner utilised various methods to discuss aspects of the project with the company, producing a red flag review and a due diligence report.

Services included:

  • Site visits
  • Client meetings
  • Documentation review
  • Charge point network review
  • Interrogation of the installation process
  • Appraisal of certifications and permits
  • Commissioning, maintenance and quality procedures
  • Supply chain analysis
  • User interface interrogation
  • Installation pipeline and programme review

Fichtner worked closely with our client and the company in question to carry out this task. Fichtner anticipated additional client requirements and organised demonstrations for the client to help them fully understand the report’s conclusions and recommendations.