Fichtner acts as Technical Advisor on North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park

Fichtner is the technical advisor for the development and procurement of the NLGEP. This has included a comprehensive feasibility study for various technologies including hydrogen production (using electrolysis), EfW, battery storage, fuel cells, carbon capture, vertical farming, and commercial greenhouses, coupled with private heat and electricity networks for the energy park as a whole.

For the hydrogen production facility, a range of parameters were developed including process and technology description, estimates of plant footprint required, estimates of throughputs, estimates of transport movements to, from and within the site boundary and ballpark estimates of capital costs and operating costs.

The study also included production of a basic financial model, enabling the internal rate of return (IRR) and net present value (NPV) for each of the technologies, and the NGLEP project as a whole.

Our services have included:

  • Electrolyser technology review
  • Equipment size estimations
  • Proposed site layout configurations
  • Throughput estimations
  • Cost estimations and business case evaluation