The Snugborough Wind Farm was commissioned in 2003 and consists of 9 GE 1.5 turbines, totaling 13.5MW. Fichtner was instructed by Roundshield Partners to produce a red flag due diligence report for the potential acquisition of Snugborough. The transaction completed in Q1 2015.

Fichtner undertook the following due diligence as part of the red-flag review;

  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) review covering the O&M contract, audit inspection reports available on gearboxes, blades and electrical plant items and future O&M strategy for the site;
  • review of extension and/ or repowering options for the site, including commentary of the REFIT in the Republic of Ireland and the complexities around the grid connection within Northern Ireland, and;
  • wind energy production estimate;
  • review of historical SCADA and metered production data to determine an estimated P90 value for the site.

Snugborough generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of 8,500 homes. Full turbine output of 1.5MW is achieved at a wind speed of approximately 13m/sec.