Foresight are developing a pipeline of at least 6 anaerobic digestion projects in Northern Ireland and the UK, with each plant generating 0.5MW of electricity

The AD plants generate biogas, which is burned in a gas engine. In some projects excess heat from the gas engine is used to dry digestate from the digester. Fuels used within the digesters include silage, poultry litter, grass, and other agricultural wastes.

Fichtner has supported Foresight in the following;

  • review of the proposed technical solution;
  • site specific due diligence for each project;
  • construction monitoring including site visits.

Taking our learnings from our parent company who have a long history of supporting renewable energy projects in Germany, Fichtner has been involved with a wide range of AD projects across the UK, processing both food waste and also farm residues. Biogas produced from the projects has been utilised for several applications including burning in a gas engine to produce heat and power, and injection into the gas grid to replace fossil fuels.