Located off the east coast of England in shallow waters. Our client is considering up to 50% investment in the project and will be operated by a leading offshore wind farm developer.

Fichtner’s technical review is focused on the following key areas;

  • planning and environmental consents;
  • energy yield including internal and external wake loss assessment;
  • construction contracts covering balance of plant and turbine supply;
  • turbine technology and foundation review, O&M contracts;
  • vessel and port logistics;
  • maintenance regime; and and OFTO asset interface risks.

Fichtner also reviewed the financial model assumptions and provide technical input to the client.

With a potential maximum capacity of up to 570MW, the offshore wind farm could generate enough electricity to power 400,000 UK homes per year. The Project could also realise a potential annual carbon saving of over 830,000 tonnes of CO2.