Scaling up Solar: Q&A Session

As we look towards a more renewable and sustainable future, it is clear that solar will have a key role to play in the UK’s transition to net zero, but how much development is needed in solar technology before we can get there? We sat down with our Renewables Lead Consultant, Manolo Polisena, to discuss that and more!

Fichtner Team Spotlight

Our team spotlight series will provide an insight into the talented individuals that make up the Fichtner team. In our first instalment, we spoke to Mark Anderson, a Senior Consultant based in our Belfast office. Find out how Mark got started in his career, and how his work contributes to a sustainable future everyday here!

Fuelling the EV Revolution: Q&A Session

The first in our Fichtner Q&A series where our team will be proving key insights in to all things energy transition, technology and infrastructure. In our first instalment, we discuss the electric vehicle revolution with Associate Senior Consultant, Karl Ainscough-Gates.

Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) applies to all combustion plants with a thermal capacity of 1 MWth to 50 MWth. MCPs with a thermal capacity of between 5 MWth and 50 MWth will need a Permit to operate by 1 January 2024. Find out our Environmental team’s recommendations here.

The Great Reshuffle

Energy generation and distribution is rapidly changing across the country, impacted by both the events of the past two years, but also the need to look to a future decarbonised energy system, but what does this mean for teams like Fichtner?

Hydropower in the UK & Ireland: Q&A Session

In our second Q&A instalment, we take a look at hydropower & pumped storage technology with our Head of Hydropower UK&I, Tom Clegg. This feature includes some brief insight into the hydro topics that will be explained by Tom at the British Hydropower Conference 2022.